above Tracy Smith Bassette in Laura Taler’s Forsaken
(photo: Jeremy Mimnagh)

studio membership

We want to build hub14 to be a place where artists can create and connect with each other.

In order to facilitate a stronger network around hub14, we are launching a new MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM as of July 1st that will offer our members a free hub14 T-Shirt, substantial savings on their studio bookings, discounted tickets to hub14 core programs as well as the ability to apply to hub14's programs. As a welcome bonus, we will enter all new members who sign up between June 1st and August 15th into a draw where they could win 20 hours of "free space".

COST: $40

Get your membership through

studio prices

rehearsal: $17/hr
members price: $12/hr

classes & performances:$23/hr
members price:$18/hr

day rate / 8hr: $120
members price: $90

ALL ACCESS 9am - 11PM: $150

studio availability
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studio pictures

North Wall

South Wall

Our studio is available for rent for rehearsals, classes, workshops and presentations.

studio amenities

Sprung dance floor is wooden (22’ x 26’)
Entry area is wooden sprung dance floor  (8’ x 16’)
bathroom with shower stall
2 windows facing east
2 chnl stereo mixer w/ipod cabling
1 CD player
output: 2 wall-mounted speakers
Hard goods:
2 banquet tables
30 folding chairs
2 white sandwich boards
Two 4’x8’  6” risers
standard household power on the walls
dimmable track lighting
6 household dimmer unit [other practical lighting can be added]
bar fridge
Soft goods:
Blacks to cover the 3 walls