Participate in our hub14 retrospective!

Hello from hub14!
We are planning a photo exhibition and would love to feature you in it! This season, hub14 celebrates10 years of art incubation and we are planning a weekend-long anniversary party and exhibition from April 24
th-26th 2015! See the attached letter from our Board of Directors for more details about this initiative.
We are reaching out to you because you have been a part of hub14’s legacy. We are looking for our residents, renters and community members to get involved and be highlighted in our
hub14 retrospective’.
What we are asking of you is to share an image of a project that was seeded/started/incubated/came out of something that you did while in residence, teaching, researching, producing or working at hub14. The photos will be printed and hung at hub14 for the weekend-long anniversary exhibition in April.
- submit photos at the highest resolution available
  • some images will be printed as large as 36” wide
  • medium-resolution images will be printed at a smaller size
  • Very low-res images will be used online
- Please send us your photo no later than February 8th
Acceptable Photo Formats:
Send Photo’s VIA:
- Email:
-  (share your photo with:
- (send to
By submitting a photo, you give us the right to print and include the photo in the anniversary exhibition, as well as to post and use a lower-res version for general promotion, free of charge.
If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties submitting a photo please get in touch with co-Artistic Director Aria Evans: If you would like to be involved but do not have a photo to share, there are other opportunities and ways to support hub14. Just get in touch with us and we will direct you!
Thank you in advance for your participation. hub14 has been self sustaining for 10 years and we can’t wait to celebrate with you in April during our
’hub14 retrospective’!
Co-Artistic Directors
Marie France Forcier
Kate Nankervis
Aria Evans
Andrew Gaboury 

Letter from the Board of Directors

2014 in Review

As the year wraps up, we have a lot to look back on at hub14.

The summer of 2014 marked our first full year as co-Artistic Directors. Now that we are firmly rooted into hub’s ground we are excited to look forward as this season marks hub14’s 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Founded in 2004 by Meagan O’Shea, Ame Henderson, Jen Johnson and Sally Morgan, hub has seen many talented artists walk through its doors and roll on its floors. Through these 10 years, hub has remained an independent, artist-run champion of incubation and development for performing art works.

BIG PLANS are underway to celebrate this milestone.

SAVE THE DATES: Friday, April 24th, Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th 2015!

There will be more info to come but, for now, we’re busy into the preparations. If you have ever rehearsed, performed or taught classes at hub, stay tuned for more communication from us in the coming weeks; we want you to be a part of this celebration!

We hope your year was rewarding, challenging and productive and that you are ready to jump into the New Year full of vim and vigor! We know we are.

- Andrew Gaboury, Kate Nankervis, Marie France Forcier and Aria Evans
co-Artistic Directors of hub14


Culture Days @ hub
This year saw an expansion of our presence in the Toronto and Canadian art scene. For Culture Days, we opened our doors and our hearts and invited the community into hub to chat, eat popcorn and watch dance movies all night long.

“I gotta say, even though it’s full of cheese, Centre Stage is a really good movie.”
- Andrew G.

Nuit Blanche x hub14

On October 4th, kate nankervis & Futuretalk brought “(in)finite reflections v4” to hub14. From 8pm to 4am, people were able to walk in and experience a durational installation with a rotating cast of dancers, including Christine Birch, Irvin Chow, Zeena Dontiwalla, Kiri Figueiredo, Andrew Hartley, Elke Schroeder, Marlowe Porter, Joseph Hinds and Vanessa Kimmons.

Artist Features

Co-Artistic Director Aria Evans has started to interview some of our residents and regular renters to showcase the breadth and variety that happens inside our four walls. Swing on over to our site where you’ll find a page dedicated to these interviews. It’s always so inspiring to hear what other artists are up to directly from them.

Our 2014/15 Residents
This year we introduced a new residency called the Gallery Series. We invited visual artists to bring a new dimension to our space and to decorate our walls in a way we often don’t think about. To this end, Virgil Baruchel and Benjamin Kamino came and installed a visual art-performance piece called YOUCANTSEEUSBUTWESEEYOU, completely transforming hub into a wild field of flowers.
In October it was Craig Chambers’ turn. His show Vākənt juxtaposed beauty and distress: going on urban explorations, he placed dancers in abandoned locations all around Ontario to stunning effect.

REASEARCH Resident Lucy Rupert, completed the first part of her residency in the fall culminating with an open showing. She’s back in the studio this January for more research and a showing later in the month.

LAUNCHPAD artist Kate Alton was at hub this fall, working on her new solo. To learn more about her work and her time in hub14, check out our first artist feature.

Through our LAUNCHPAD Residency, the [elephants] collective made hub their home since the summertime when they were busy working on retooling their show, A WAKE FOR LOST TIME (initially created and performed through the Theatre Passe Murraille Elephants in the Room Creation Group). In November, they occupied hub14 for an entire 24 hours and performed their new WAKE to an audience as excited to be part of this event as they were to watch


Good news:
WAKE has been programmed as part of The Pearl Company’s Canadian Theatre Festival in Hamilton from 1pm Jan. 24th to 1pm on Jan. 25th.

All in all, 2014 was a busy year for us. And we plan to keep the ball rolling in 2015. There are big changes coming to hub, including a new system to make booking the space much easier. But don’t worry: the hub you know will remain dedicated to the incubation and championing of new and developing work.

All the best in 2015,

Andrew Gaboury, Marie France Forcier, Aria Evans and Kate Nankervis

Winter Space Sale!

hub14 holiday rental specials

hub 14 wishes you a happy holiday season with December rental deals.  
Any rental taking place in December until January 4th for $11/hr.  *Must book a minimum of 4 hours. All booking must be booked before December 18th, 2014.
To book:
For availability, check out hub14 calendar
Reference the Holiday Special while booking. 
Happy Holidays from hub14. 

Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday: a day dedicated to giving back - around the world, across Canada and in your own community!

Every dollar counts and will help support hub14, a self sustaining artist-run live arts incubator and presenter. Check out our
Artist Feature page to see what it is we at hub14 do and how we support our members, residency artists and renters! Furthermore, Interac will match every donation made through Canada Helps on GivingTuesday. That means your gift could be doubled!

Click the
button below and donate through Canada Helps.


This will provide you with a charitable tax receipt right away!

December’s Artist Feature is on
Kelly Morden, an emerging dance artist and teacher who uses hub14 for children’s movement classes!

hub14 Artist Feature: Kelly Morden from hub14 on Vimeo.

Residency Update

Wake Banner

Time has been lost: It’s been lost to dreams of what will be and memories of what was; it's been lost to waiting on people who are waiting on people who are waiting on people to call back; it's been lost to wage slavery and to attempts to understand that which is beyond us; it has been lost to consensus objects, and production quotas, to expectation and the blues. In short, it has become nothing more than an distant, vicious spectre, living at the periphery of our lives but constantly gnawing. On November 15th to 16th from sundown to sundown we will try to make it real, make it present. A Wake for Lost Time is a 24-hour durational performance ritual that will attempt to make time present in the bodies of performer and audience alike.

A Wake for Lost Time is a single performance repeated for 24 hours. Audience may come and go as they wish and are welcome and encouraged to stay for the whole time. You're welcome to bring food, blankets, etc. or go for food and come back. Space is limited and in the case of a full house we will stay in touch over social media when space becomes available.

Saturday, November 15 @ 6:31PM to Sunday, November 16 @ 6:30PM
PWYC at the door

If you can’t make it, click here for a live stream of the performance!

Created by [elephants] Collective:
Donna Marie Baratta
Jennie Egerdie
Jenna Harris
Thomas McKechnie
Montgomery Martin
Kevin Rees
Michael Reinhart
Katie Sly
Nicole DeAngelis (Stage Manager)

New! Artist Features

Check out our new page where each month we feature one of our fantastic members. This month we visited Kate Alton during her hub14 launchpad residency. See the video’s here!
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.18.29 PM

What's up at hub?

October 24th and 25th as part of our 2014/2015 Residency Season!

Vākənt photography exhibit - trailer from 723 Television on Vimeo.


Nuit Blanche at hub14

kate nankervis & Futuretalks' (in)finite reflections v4
with christine birch, irvin chow, zeena dontiwalla, kiri figueiredo, andrew hartley, elke schroeder, marlowe porter, joseph hinds and vanessa kimmons

oct 4 
inside hub 14
14 markham st (just west of queen and bathurst)
** suitable for all ages

Andrew Hartley (hub14 board member), Kate Nankervis (hub14 co-artistic director) photo by Alejandro Santiago 2014

Culture Days at hub14

To celebrate 5 years of Culture Days and 10 years of arts incubation at hub14 we are throwing a Culture Days Party!
culture days
Celebrate Culture Days with Hub 14!  In honour of Culture Days' 5 year anniversary, we will be hosting an informal Meet and Greet with our new Artistic Directors, September 27th at 7pm. This is a great opportunity for us to connect with you and to establish a relationship with Hub, which has been supporting artists in the earliest stages of their careers for a decade. We'll pull out some blankets and and watch dance movies till the wee hours! Popcorn provided! BYOB! See you there!


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